Availability varies by location.

Image of #knowfilter

Filtered Hazy IPA
ABV 6.6%

Image of Cowboy Glamping
Cowboy Glamping

Kölsch with Tart Cherry & Makrut Lime
ABV 4.9%

Image of Permanent Breeze
Permanent Breeze

India Pale Ale
ABV 6%

Image of Ski Tan
Ski Tan

Hoppy Red Lager
ABV 5.4%

Image of Howdy Beer
Howdy Beer

Western Pilsner
ABV 4.5%

Image of Mountain Nights
Mountain Nights

Smoked Stout
ABV 5.4%

Image of You Do You
You Do You

Tart Wheat Ale with Blood Orange
ABV 5%

Image of Oktoberfest

Märzen-style Lager
ABV 4.5%

Image of GSD

Everyday Ale
ABV 3.5%

Image of Wet Hop Ale
Wet Hop Ale

Session IPA
ABV 4.8%

Image of Doppelgänger

Unfiltered Pilsner
ABV 4.7%

Image of Colors of You
Colors of You

Amber Ale
ABV 5.7%

Image of Back on My B.S.
Back on My B.S.

Dry Hopped Keller Pils
ABV 4.8%

Image of Penny Loafer
Penny Loafer

Pale Ale
ABV 4.5%

Image of Otter Pop
Otter Pop

Pale Ale
ABV 4.3%

Image of Squeaky Wheel
Squeaky Wheel

Sunny Time Ale
ABV 5%

Image of Full Circle
Full Circle

American Wheat Ale
ABV 5%

Image of Big James
Big James

Brunch Stout
ABV 6%

Image of Zolo Red
Zolo Red

Red Ale
ABV 5.3%

Image of Stout, Stout, let it all STOUT!
Stout, Stout, let it all STOUT!

Common Stout
ABV 6.3%

Image of Donker

Belgian Dark Ale
ABV 7.0%

Image of Schwarz Fired!
Schwarz Fired!

Schwarzbier w/ Black Tea
ABV 5.2%

Image of Thunder Kölsch
Thunder Kölsch

ABV 9.3%

Image of Trust Fall
Trust Fall

Dry Hopped Saison
ABV 5.3%

Image of Sunrise to Sunset
Sunrise to Sunset

Golden Ale
ABV 5.8%

Image of Townie IPA
Townie IPA

It's what we're drinking
ABV 6.2%

Image of Post 1771 IPA
Post 1771 IPA

India Pale Ale
ABV 7.3%

Image of Backyard Saison
Backyard Saison

Farmhouse Ale
ABV 5.6%

Image of El Corn Lager
El Corn Lager

Amber Lager
ABV 5.5%

Image of Johnny Molasses
Johnny Molasses

Black IPA
ABV 5.8%

Image of 4 Cluck’n Years Quad (Vintage 2017)
4 Cluck’n Years Quad (Vintage 2017)

Belgian Quad
ABV 8.3%

Image of Rooster Cruiser
Rooster Cruiser

Imperial India Pale Ale
ABV 8.8%

Image of Happy Times
Happy Times

Hop Bursted Malt Liquor/IPL
ABV 6.8%

Image of Ol’ Zippy
Ol’ Zippy

Premium American Ale
ABV 5.0%

Image of Lovey Dovey
Lovey Dovey

French Amber Ale
ABV 6.9%

Image of Top Rope
Top Rope

Mexican Lager
ABV 5.0%

Image of Big Rosie
Big Rosie

Dry-hopped Robust Porter
ABV 6.8%

Image of Dry Stout
Dry Stout

A mellow flavored stout, with a dark scarlet color.
ABV 4.9%

Image of Meathooks

Mild Ale
ABV 4.1%

Image of Extra Special Buddy
Extra Special Buddy

ABV 5.3%

Image of The Town Tart
The Town Tart

Kettle-Soured White Ale
ABV 3.6%

Image of Summer Teath
Summer Teath

Summer IPA
ABV 4.1%

Image of Bulky Oxen
Bulky Oxen

A "Sessionable" English Style Barleywine
ABV 7.4%