Drinkability Will Save the World

Posted on April 25, 2014

So here we are, nearly four months in at The Post. We’ve slung a ton of chicken and poured a lot of beer. The best thing about it is that it’s all been crafted with a singular purpose: to make you happy. We’ve worked hard to ensure the elements of place, food and beer work together and feel just right as a whole experience. It’s all about balance and that is one of the key elements to excellent beer.

A dear friend of mine shared a telling anecdote about teaching a class in a fermentation science course. He wrote a question on the board asking the class what defines a beer as a great beer. The students responded with a range of ideas including “lots of hops” and “high alcohol”. You may have guessed that he did not get the answer he was looking for. He wanted to hear at least one student reply with “drinkability and balance”. Why were these characteristics so universally overlooked? It’s because when they are there, they are simply appreciated…repeatedly. It’s a very beautiful thing.

I worked for two years as a web designer during a brief hiatus from brewing. It was good and it was not so good but I learned valuable lessons about what defines a great experience. In design, a great experience does not demand hard work from the user, it’s quickly understood and is one that is returned to again and again. It’s immediately enjoyed and is unobtrusive. It just feels right.

Following years and years of envelope pushing innovation, this lesson of simplicity struck a chord with me and defined the direction of all things beer moving forward. I have a deep appreciation for my past endeavors and I often seek these experiences to satisfy some of my wilder desires. My approach to building The Post beer program fulfills my need to deliver a well designed experience that is comfortable and feels good in its space and with its other components; namely food. The crux of this is delivering a diverse range of flavors that are balanced and drinkable.

We are blessed to have an outrageously talented chef who is putting out amazingly well crafted food. It would be a tremendous disservice to him and to our guests to overwhelm palates with what is coming out of our brewery. We’ve worked together to create a balanced offering of consumables that compliment one another. They are all flavorful and unique in their own right but together create a beautiful experience that cannot be forced or faked.

From behind the glass of the brewery, this is the result of balance; balance of flavor and of aroma and of feeling. All components working together resulting ultimately in drinkability. It’s a feeling of satisfaction and appreciation; one you don’t need to think hard about to figure out. When it’s there you just get it and you want it more and more. Once this has been experienced, it becomes clear that drinkability will save the world.