Oh, my god! It’s sexier than I expected.

Posted on October 14, 2013

Last week I went on a trip to Portland to perform the final inspection of our brewhouse at JV Northwest. They are actually located a half hour from the city in Canby but Portland served as a fine base of operations.

Upon landing at PDX I hightailed it to some breweries since I wasn’t expected at the JV facility until the next day. My first stop was at Ecliptic Brewing which is being opened by the legendary John Harris. Google him. He’s a legend. It was fun to see the brewhouse since it sat for years in the back of a trailer in the Dogfish Head yard. I’m happy to see that it’s found its way back home.

I got hungry while I was there so I stopped at Flavour Spot for a Dutch Taco. On a nippy drizzly day, that totally did the trick. Waffle? Check. Sausage? Yup. Maple spread? On it. Warming up? Mission accomplished.

The next stop was awesome! Gigantic Brewing in Portland is totally great and they have the most spectacular hop back I’ve ever seen. The fresh hop IPA was awesome and so was Van’s point of view on beers and making beer. If you can get your hands on these beers, put them in your mouth.

I then zipped on over to Widmer for a snack and a beer. The black IPA was totally right on.

I finally checked in to my hotel and set out on a walk around town. It got cold. Really cold. And rainy. I ended up buying a nice jacket. Make sure you mention how much you like it next time you see me. So all of this cold, rainy walking made me hungry. What better to take care of that than a kick ass bowl of ramen. Your friend and mine, Dave Query and my friend Jim Boyd from Roy Farms both recommended I eat at Biwa and I never question either of their taste because they are both much taller than me. Dude. That place is totally hot rockin! I started with some goyoza and then dove right into a mess of noodles, egg, smoked pork and all sorts of other soupy goodness. Stellar.

Belly full, I headed back to the hotel for a nightcap by the fire pits and to bed.

I had every intention of running while I was in Portland but I somehow slept thru my allotted running time and that was that. I packed my gear and everything. So Saturday I was going out for a run only to discover that I has left my shoes behind. Good thing I keep forgetting to donate my old shoes.

So without a run, I decided that a light breakfast of coffee was in order. So I went to Stumptown for a kickass cup to get going and off I went to Canby.

I was greeted at the JVNW plant with a nice sign announcing our visit. So nice. I met with Brandon Leblanc the project engineer who gave me a great tour of the facility which ended at our brewhouse. There it was. Beautiful. We dug into the specifics of the piping and identified just a small handful of modifications and adjustments that I wanted to see made prior to shipping. The brewhouse is even sexier than I thought it would be (and I knew it would be pretty damned sexy to begin with). They will be packing it up and shipping it this Thursday to arrive mid-week next week. I can’t believe it’s almost here. Here’s a little slideshow of images. Enjoy! (then keep reading because I’m a windbag and wrote some more stuff)

[metaslider id=182]


Following the business portion I headed out with VP of Sales, Phil Loen for some sightseeing. First we drove up the Columbia River Gorge to Multnomah Falls. Totally gorgeous plus I got to hear Phil’s funny stories. Following this we went to McMenamins Edgefield Home which words cannot describe. You really just have to go there. From there I went back to Portland to do some souvenir shopping for my boys at Powell’s City of Books. I got lost in the store by accident on purpose. I mentally spent a lot of money. I got what I needed and went out to meet Brandon from JV for dinner and some beers.

We met at Breakside Brewing for a great pale ale and some killer sour beers and then headed to Toro Bravo for tapas. Fried anchovies, squid ink fideos with rabbit sausage and a whole bunch of other stuff that made me happy. It was a great meal and Brandon was a generous host.

In all, this was a great trip which resulted in configuring an amazing brewery. I am so excited to have the equipment in and functional so we can open and you and me can meet at The Post.

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