Tasting Panels and you. Perfect together!

Posted on September 26, 2014

Beer flights. So helpful in familiarizing guests with our beers; this is true. The downside is that they don’t always deliver the intended experience. This is especially true when there is a full menu of amazing foods with which to pair the beers. Ideally, you will have one beer with each dish which compliments the provisions you are putting down. Less ideally, you’ll find all of the beers in front of one dish. The only thing that can occur is palate fatigue and confusion leading to a less than memorable experience.

At The Post, we offer you the curated Tasting Panel. Intended as an appetizer, our flights guide you through a few sensory experiences which are thoughtful, intriguing and at times surprising. The three beer journeys we offer explore flavors and aromas that build on each other, contrast one another and above all help you make a great decision for dinner time. Each flight tells a story and serves as a bit of a peep hole into my head. You can learn about how I think or at least get a glimpse of my special brand of ADD. To that, the flights change often based on beer line-up and whim.

Of course, we offer you the opportunity to curate your own flight; to flex your creative muscles. If it’s totally great, please tell me about it. We may put it on the menu for a spell. You can find my email address on the menu under the list of current flights so please let me know about your awesome discoveries. I’m always looking for opportunities to learn cool new stuff.

Come on into The Post and try some curated Tasting Panels. It’s totally fun and worth experiencing!

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