Test Brews Are Fun And AWESOME!!!

Posted on September 8, 2013

Today was the type of day that I live for.  I love making things and today that’s what I did.

Since March I’ve been playing with ideas for beers, testing them, dumping them when they don’t work, drinking them when they do. Then you get to do it again. It’s totally fun to do.

I’ve been thinking about fried chicken a lot lately and I’ve also been considering what I want to drink when I’m eating the fried chicken. We really want what we offer on plates and in glasses to be balanced and live happily together. Like pieces of a puzzle, I suppose. We want it all to fit into the story of the space and be ridiculously delicious.

A lot of what I’ve been doing has informed ingredient contracts, equipment purchases and projected scheduling. Lots of that has been determined and now I am dialing things in so when we start brewing in late October, we can hit the ground running. I think the hardest decision is selecting our house yeast(s). I know we are going to be making lagers since we are bringing the production of Top Rope Mexican Style Lager in house which I’m totally excited about. I’m set on that yeast. It’s our ale yeast that’s still being decided. I know what our goals are. I just need to select one that will be able to achieve those goals across a range of brands. I’ve narrowed it down to two. That means I get to keep playing for a little while longer.

Test brewing has been decidedly low tech. I do have a benchtop refractometer to check starting gravities (but I bought that for the brewery on eBay for $80… a $200 savings) but that’s about it. Coolers for keeping stuff hot and boiling outside. It works though and I’m really excited about the flavors that we’re going to be able to share.

I’m really looking forward to see what these initial brews become in the future. How will they evolve? Much of that will depend on you and your feedback and input. I’ll be sure to meet you at the Post and we can work it out over a pint.


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